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When a horse sustains a serious injury, requires lengthy box rest and needs rehabilitation, the worry and stress can be over whelming for the owner. 

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Emma Hawthorne at Flawborough Equine is Proprietor and Treatment Manager -  Emma set up her rehabilitation centre after her own horse suffered an injury and the prognosis looked bleak. She refused to accept the limited options available to her at the time, and soon realised the many benefits that complementary therapies could bring - the rest is history! 
A Place to Heal
Flawborough Equine is a World Class Equine Rehabilitation and Training Centre developed to provide the horse with advanced equine facilities and care. And its supported by a dynamic and innovative team of multi-skilled and highly qualified equine professionals ‚Äödedicated to the recovery and conditioning of the equine.
Rehabilitation for horses is a rapidly evolving field and many alternative treatments are available. 
So, what do you do if your horse breaks down with an injury or suffers a terrible wound?
Fortunately there‚Äöis help on hand.
Emma comments: It can be very stressful, worrying and even demoralising when things go wrong and you search and yearn for that glimmer of hope, support and guidance to ensure that you achieve the best outcome for your horse. Here at Flawborough, we offer a whole range of solutions and support to help you and your horse through this difficult time.
The process
So, where should the process of rehabilitation begin?
The human sports therapist works from referral by a physician.  Similarly for the equine, a thorough veterinary evaluation should take place before the use of any therapeutic procedure. 
The successful outcome of any rehabilitation programme is dependant on the accuracy of the diagnosis - with input from the rider and trainer being of great value. 

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A planned approach to recovery is required and clear goals must be achieved 
  • Pain relief
  • Restoration of function
  • Re-gaining strength in the injured area 
‚ÄöThe road to recovery can seem to be a long one! says Emma. ‚ÄöBut injury treatment and prevention is all in the course of a days work to the team here. We work closely with veterinarians and a team of complementary therapists to deliver bespoke rehabilitation solutions according to individual needs‚Äö.
Horses usually arrive at the acute stage following injury, start box rest and hydrotherapy treatment to eliminate heat. For many owners the responsibility of undertaking a rehabilitation programme at home is a nightmare scenario says Emma but here we offer solutions and support. And, for the horses there is always something going on and complementary therapies on offer to keep them entertained.
Tools of rehabilitation
There are many tools of rehabilitation. These include: Cold therapy, heat, exercise, massage, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and magnetic fields and so much more.
These are not a substitute for veterinary care, far from it. Although they are drug free alternatives, they are complementary to conventional veterinary treatment.
The team at Flawborough work very closely with veterinary professionals and offer hydrotherapy along with an extensive range of complementary therapies delivered by talented practitioners.
The complementary therapies available are many and varied. As with anything, when seeking a solution, there is rarely a quick fix. Therapies will work on some horses and not on others and sometimes a group of therapies may be required to treat one condition. The key to success is working as a team with the vet, the owner and complementary therapists to achieve the best end result for each individual case.  
Flawborough‚Äös experienced staff provide the ultimate in care and attention offering the highest standards of treatment to aid recovery. ‚ÄöClients draw great comfort from regular feedback and in the knowledge of the teamwork with both veterinarians and talented professional therapists said Emma. 
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Post-Operative Care
Veterinary Care
Equine Thermography 
Cardio Vascular Performance Analysis
Remedial Farriery
Sports Massage
Manual Therapy
Deep Oscillation Therapy
Gait Analysis
SCENAR technology
And more‚Äö.....
Hydrotherapy Spa
Hospital Box
Horse Walker
Diagnostic Rooms
Indoor 12 x 12 Stabling
Sand Pen
Turn Out Paddocks
60 x 20 Arena
Visiting Area
Ample Parking 
And more.....
Thermography Technician
Sports Scientists
Performance Specialists
Remedial Farrier
Massage Therapist
Remedial Riders
Manual Therapist
And more.....

Over the coming months Emma and her team will take us through some of the many treatments avaialble and in some instances introduce us to real case studies.