Emma Hawthorne - Proprietor and Treatment Manager at Flawborough Equine Rehabilitation Centre - explains that for centuries sea water has been used in the treatment of inflammation and injury in both humans and animals and horses are no exception. 
In a safe and controlled manner, the Hydrotherapy Spa greatly intensifies the natural healing effects of cold running sea water. The Equine Spa uses jets of aerated chilled saline water to accelerate healing and repair over a range of injuries to the lower limbs: from tendon injuries to the most serious wounds. Its also used as an aid to the prevention of stiffness and to improve suppleness when used as part of a training regime. 
What the Spa can be used for:
  • Tendons and ligament injuries 
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Swellings
  • Bruising
  • Jar up
  • Joint problems
  • Splints and certain fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Infections and wounds to the lower limbs
  • Post-operative complications
  • Sore shins
  • Windgalls 
  • Mud fever
  • Arthritic pain
  • Abscesses
  • Laminitis

Hydrotherapy Spa Treatment                                                                                                  "Bringing the sea to your Horse"

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Common questions answered 

Q. Why is a Spa treatment more effective than cold hosing?

Spas work on the lower legs accelerating healing and repair due to a number of factors:
Q. Temperature?
The water is kept at around 2 degrees which takes out heat and inflammation and increases the circulation of the affected area. 
Q. Salt Concentration?
The salts also act like a poultice, drawing out any infection and creating an additional cooling effect. The concentration is roughly double that found in the sea.
The depth of water applies pressure to the injured area and gives support.
Q. Aeration?
Aeration acts as massage encouraging circulation and healing. 
Research shows that the Spa makes legs colder than any other treatment and is a very relaxing experience for an injured horse.
Q. When would be the optimum time for hydrotherapy treatment?
Often it is a case of closing the door after the horse has bolted. Therefore the earlier we can start treating a case the better - this is beneficial to both horse and owner as it reduces the time-out.
Q. Is the treatment costly? 
Hydrotherapy Spa treatment is more affordable than you may think and is recognised by many insurance companies as an alternative treatment - when referred by a veterinary practitioner or registered farrier.
We have a wide range of cost effective treatments but it is important to consider carefully each case in turn and put together a suitable rehabilitation programme.
Bringing great benefits
Matthew Barlow MRCVS 
flawborough vet
Veterinary surgeon, Matthew Barlow of Home Farm Equine, Nottinghamshire comments:The Spa is particularly useful in reducing acute inflammation in the early stages of tendon injury and greatly reduces healing time. It gets horses back in action faster and in many cases the horse does not require further treatment.
At Flawborough, we use cold therapy as one of many tools of rehabilitation. Others include: heat, exercise, massage, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, magnetic fields and there are many more.
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