2013 IS A WINNING YEAR FOR RICH - Coming out on top!

RICH HAS A FANTASTIC 2013 - But as with most riders he wants more!
Rich and gate with tommy

Richard kicked off a snowy start to 2013 feeling he wasn’t making as much progress as he should and knew he was going to have to make some changes to his riding if he was to improve.

His first big change was making the move to a new yard as he needed to be located somewhere that had a good school. Richard was to gain so much more as the yard he chose was run by Katy Thomas, a young Show jumper, who gave all her liveries so much support, Richard was no exception and soon he and Tommy started reaping the rewards of some of these benefits.

Rich continues with his 2013 update...

I knew Tommy and I were in need of much support if we were to move our riding forward and my new yard delivered exactly that.In our first competition of the year we did the 55cm and 65cm classes, but by September Katy had us prepared for the local riding club championship show where we came 2nd(to Katy) in the 85cm and 4thin the 95cm.
Rich and tommy leaping

When I got Tommy in 2012 he couldn’t stand still and found the world an exciting if not scary place. He has settled well at our new yard and has been made to feel welcome by all of our new friends.He now enjoys going for gallops in the local woods, which we do twice a week for fitness training and even now stands still to let me mount from the mounting block in the school.

esma awards logoThe big celebration has to be wining the 2013 Equestrian Social Media Award for best use of social media by an amateur rider. This included a trip to Portugal to train at Hippikos (www.hippikos.pt) where I had an amazing week riding their dressage stallions and Show jumpers. Its not often that an opportunity presents its self like this, but in one week I learned so much (hard not to with 3 hours of riding lessons a day).

Rich and tommy Ahhh pic
I still cant believe how much I have achieved during 2013 and as the storm is blowing hard outside I sometimes wonder how I will keep the momentum of 2013 going through the winter months, but I will….I know I have to set some very clear goals for Tommy and I if I am to progress to compete and do well at Arena UK in September 2014.. I know there is going to be lots more training and hard work, but going into 2014 I am not phased and am really positive about what the future holds, even doing my first one day event fills me with excitement.
If 2014 is anything like 2013 it’s going to be another exciting and brilliant year…. I can’t wait.

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