The shortest day of the year has past and winter is by no means over, but that hasn't stopped Richard thinking long and hard about his plans for kicking off the New Year. Richard knows that setting personal goals for the year can be tricky, especailly as on one hand he has so much he wants to achieve, yet on the other he knows how important it is for him to be realistic with the targets he sets for Tommy and himself for 2014.
 Rich improving-tommy

My major Show jumping target for this year is to get to compete at Arena UK in September, to do this I will need to be jumping BS affiliated classes and be confident over 1m classes.  My plan is to compete unaffiliated until May and then get a 6 month membership and see how things go.  To be able to achieve this goal I know I must try and attend at least two competitions a month by spring. We managed to end the 2013 season jumping 90cm in competitions so I hope this will mean we are able to make a good start in 2014.

My second target is to compete with Tommy in out first one day event.  This will probably be later in the year, but I like and look forward to the idea that we will have to work hard on our dressage as this will also help in all areas of our ridden work.

Rich and Tommy Jump
Jumping a 1m course by September and doing our first one day event (which will probably be below 1m) might sound to most like a small step up from achieving 90cm in 2013, but, I have to be realistic that my step up to affiliated classes and learning to improve our ring craft will present more challenges than just being able to jump a bit higher!

Beyond these goals I will be taking what ever opportunities come our way.  2013 gave Tommy and me some great memories so we will be working hard to make sure 2014 will be the same if not better, and hope that if we do have snow early in 2014 it doesn't last long!

Rich and Tommy Jump 2

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