Tamsin Drew - 33 Year old City girl returns to riding after 14 years.

PART 1 Tamsin Drew started riding at the tender age of eight and followed in the shoes of her mother and sister who both rode and had horses at home. 

roly photo 
Tamsin inherited her sister's full Connemara event pony Rolly (pictured here), and together they were chosen to represent and compete in many team events for the Puckeridge Pony Club, winning both the Gosling Cup, the Calvert Cup and the Pony Club Area Trials.
Tamsin's love of the Eventing scene grew from these early experiences and she very quickly moved through the ranks going from representing the Pony Club teams to competing in JRNS to Junior Open Intermediate Trials where she gained some good places on a lovely horse called Patrick. 
These places got her recognized and Tamsin and Patrick were long listed for the British Junior team, competed at the Junior National Championships at Windsor Park where she competed against the likes of top class riders such as Francis Whittingdon and Lucy Wiegersma. 
“I can't say I ever beat them but I did get a few top ten places in the trials!" Tasmin happily recalls.
        Tamsin and Patrick at Clumber Park in the Junior Trial                                                                               

Patrick at_Clumber_Park_Junior_Trial
 Tamsin takes up the Story‚Äö√Ѭ∂‚Äö√Ѭ∂

‚Äö√Ñ√∫My life changed in the autumn of my eighteenth birthday year when due to family reasons I was unable to continue riding to such a high standard. 
Like most young people I had to consider a career and made the difficult decision to move from the countryside I loved so much to London. 
My first role was as a PA, then as a Project Manager to where I am today as a Business Manager for Deutsche Bank. Yes my career fulfills me and I love what I do but deep inside my love for riding and Eventing has never been far away.
It was only two years ago that a family friend asked me if I would ride her Ex Eventer and of course I jumped at the opportunity. It only took a few lessons, and competing in a couple of local shows and low key eventing competitions to make me realise how much I had enjoyed and missed my riding and the environment". 
"I made another life changing decision to move out of the city and back to the countryside near Bishops Stortford, in Hertfordshire, where I grew up".