Thursday, 03 July 2014 15:55

The British Horse Society team up with Champion for the 2015 National Riding Schools Championships

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The British Horse Society is delighted to announce that Champion will be sponsoring the 2015 National Riding Schools Championship. Rachael Hollely, Approvals Field Delivery Manager for the BHS says, “We are thrilled to be working with such a prestigious company where safety is at the forefront of their minds at all times, we hope that their support will help this fabulous Championship go from strength to strength.”

Champion are also excited by the new partnership, according to Sarah-Jane Fedarb, Managing Director, Champion Manufacturing,

“We are delighted to sponsor the British Horse Society Riding Schools Championship. These riding schools are where it all starts for many riders. BHS approved Riding Schools are often where people put their feet in stirrups for the first time, where they first experience the wonderful relationship that can be built with a horse, and where a life-long passion can be ignited. Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to starting and progressing as a horse rider. Here at Champion we have been working tirelessly for over 30 years to produce British made products that allow riders to enjoy their horses while keeping them as safe as possible. We are looking forward to continuing such a tradition of innovation and our total dedication to rider safety for the next 30 years and beyond.” 

Qualifiers started from 1 July nationwide and those lucky enough to qualify will head to Warwickshire College for the final on 8 April 2015.