Thursday, 29 January 2015 07:33

Riding The Stretch:Biomechanics, Balance & Benefit

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Riding the Stretch, Biomechanics, Balance and Benefit Symposium

Equinethos Ltd, the equestrian training team based at The Dovecote Stables, Oxford, are very pleased to announce that on 21st March they will be welcoming Charles de Kunffy, Andrew Murphy and Dr GerdHeuschmann to host a dressage training symposium, Riding the Stretch, biomechanics, balance and benefit.
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The symposium will offer a valuable insight to understanding the use of, and benefit of correctly riding the stretch through all levels of training the dressage horse.

Dr GerdHeuschmann a renowned biomechanics specialist will start the day by explaining the physical demands made on the ridden horse and will offer riders a clear understanding for using the stretch affectively during training.

Classical dressage trainer, Andrew Murphy, will then continue to work with a variety of horse and rider combinations to develop the engaged stretch. Andrew will offer a thoughtful insight aiming to encourage the young horse to stretch, and explain the desired progression and development of the stretch through to the more advanced horse. 
Former FEI judge, author and trainer, Charles de Kunffy, will host the final part of the day. Following the progression of the stretch in the ridden horse, Charles de Kunffy will be explaining the ultimate aim of ensuring the stretch brings true benefit to your horse and training.

This should result in improved elasticity and uphill tendency, needed for the conditioning and performance of the modern dressage horse. 
This the very first time that the three international trainers will be working together in the UK. Collectively they combine many years of training experience and expertise, which promises to offer clarity andinsight to an essential part of dressage training.

The symposium will be held at the recently renovated Dovecote Stables, starting at 9.00am and concluding with a Q&A session at 4.00pm.

For further information and to purchase tickets, priced £50 per person, please visit