SHOW HORSE HACK TYPE - British Show Horse Association Dress code.

SHOWING - The Hack. 
The Showing season is well under way now; here we define the criteria for The British Show Horse Association classes. The previous article focused on the Sport Horse Hunter Classes where these are for the true Show types under The British Show Horse Association. In this first article we detailed the correct dress code required for all classes, below we focus on the Hack.
Dress Code for Shows
Always take great pride in your appearance and that of your horse, it does make a difference to both the way you feel and the impression the Judge sees is vital when you first enter the ring.
The general code of buff, fawn or cream breeches: neat collar and tie: blue, black or Tweed jacket, plain black long boots and brown gloves are the basis to begin with - however, at County Show levels these can vary slightly depending on the class and type of horse you are showing. Always check with organisers to be absolutely sure; you want to be noticed for the right reasons not because you are different!
The Hack

hack photoThe ideal stamp for a Hack is of Thoroughbred type which is capable of carrying the average weight adult. The Hack must have excellent manners, be free-going, light in the hand and a pleasure to ride. Correct conformation is essential, the good length of shoulder and well set front end allows the Horse to exhume elegance, natural carriage and ease in movement at all paces.

Small Hack - mare or gelding  four years old and over, exceeding 14.2hh (148cms) not exceeding 15.1hh (154 cms)

Large Hack - mare or gelding four years old and over, exceeding 15.1hh (154cms) not exceeding 16hh (160 cms)

The Hack is judged on type, ride, manners and conformation. An individual show is required where you will be asked to show all the paces and rein back not exceeding 1 ¬? minutes.