IMPROVE YOUR RIDING - Use your mind as a positive and powerful riding tool

LESS IS MORE - Your mind is a positive and powerful riding tool!
think positiveWe are all guilty of confusing the past, present and future in our everyday thoughts, what if's and maybe's can become quite distractive and destructive during our riding.                                                
Have you ever wondered why or how others can achieve so much more in a single riding lesson by listening than you can? or why others can achieve more at home and at work? - there is a simple explanation,  it is because the minds of many of us are constantly full of thinking about all manner of issues and problems that fill our daily lives.
The emotions we carry often come from our past experiences, where we might feel regret, disappointment and generally negative, even thinking about the future can cause anxiety and what ifs' - all these emotions can cause stress and tension and all will be transmitted to your horse.
To alleviate much of the tension, try and concentrate on the present time and how your horse feels now. Avoid thinking about what he has done or what you have failed to achieve in some previous schooling session or test That is the PAST!

Relax and feel your horse relax with you, allow him to walk freely, unclamp your lower leg, lighten your seat and open your hands - totally relax and enjoy the moment. 
Anxiety can creep into your riding at any time, so the next time you try a new exercise which isn't going to plan - remember to relax and revert to a movement that both you and your horse can do well - then try the new exercise again.
A horse is just  like you and will tenses his abdominal area, shoulders, back and neck when tension builds up, so work together to relax and it wont be long until you feel the suppleness and activity of his natural pace return.
Quote by Podhajsky.
' You can never through violence cause the horse to perfect the manner in which it expresses it's skill, but only be delicate alternation between coaxing and demanding, between much praise and little punishment'.

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