STICK-ABILITY - Are you unbalanced and insecure in the saddle when jumping?

Many riders can become unbalanced and insecure in the saddle when jumping a fence or ditch, however small, which is not only unnerving for the rider but uncomfortable for the horse. 
Lack of a strong lower leg and a relaxed seat are both factors which make the rider rigid and unbalanced, transferring a negative message to the horse. Your weight should be down through your heels, which are lower than your toes, keeping the leg on the girth line hug the horse but do not grip like a vice.
Tension or over gripping will automatically lift the heel, so relax, drop your heels and feel the horses' movement. 
Mental tension and anxiety also generate rigidity; therefore progress with jumping at a comfortable pace for both you and your horse. Maintaining confidence and a feeling of control at each stage will help relax your rein contact and reduce your tension. The horse will also become more comfortable and relaxed by not relating the jumping to your anxiety or fear.

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