Tuesday, 28 August 2012 10:53

DAVID WATERS - www.horseanswerstoday.com resident equine dentist - Equine dental problems

www.horseanswerstoday.com is delighted to introduce David Waters - our new resident equine dentist - Over the coming months David shall be advising you on the correct care of your horse's teeth.


He will also be sharing with you several of his more interesting cases giving us all an understanding of what really goes on inside our horse's mouth.
David began his established career as the official dentist to the ILPH (International League for the Protection of Horses) which has made him one of the most experienced dentists in the world when it comes to chronic cases. David has worked on and experienced some of the worst cases imaginable. 
As the ILPH official dentist he quickly learnt the high level of patience and understanding that is required when dealing with such neglected horses. This 'baptism of fire' gave David the foundation of care and trust with which he works today and he now works all over the UK and in many of the UK's top studs and racing yards.
David has been practising for over 18 years and holds a DEFRA and RCVS approved Level 2 exemption certificate which is the highest qualification an equine dentist can hold.  
Next time on www.horseanswerstoday.com David will advise us on some common dental problems that affect your horses and how often we should have our horses teeth examined.