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Dare we say it...winter is approaching. This inevitably means mud and lots of it. During this period many horses suffer from a complaint affecting the lower leg, predominantly around the fetlock area, known to many as mud fever.  This highly irritating and painful skin infection is due to the microbe Dermatophilus congolensis. This organism is thought to be commonly found living on the skin without causing a problem, but when the skin barrier becomes under pressure from environmental factors such as prolonged exposure to moisture, the microbe will then become infectious.
It is important to act fast once the horse becomes infected with mud fever, in order to prevent the condition from becoming worse, in some circumstances it could potentially lead to lameness or in very severe cases euthanasia.
Muddy Buddy
The University of Lincoln have carried out extensive research and investigated potential topical anti-microbial treatments for mud fever. In-vitro testing of a specific active ingredient under laboratory conditions resulted in a new formulation. This was then tested on horses with severe or stubborn cases of the condition in a nationwide field study.
This has led to the formulation known as Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure, available in powder form or as a cream. Both contain chitosan and silver, known for their healing abilities and scientifically proven to kill the bacteria responsible for mud fever.
Programme leader and senior lecturer in bioveterinary sciences at the University of Lincoln, Frank Ruedisueli, said We are very excited that our research has led to this product being made available which could ease the suffering of many horses.
Mr Ruedisueli says that the powder can be puffed onto the wounds, which is helpful when the horse is too sore to touch.  The cream can be applied once the horse has become less sensitive, usually within a matter of days.
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Since the launch of Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure we have received many encouraging testimonials.
Below is just an example of how effective Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure has been in helping ease the discomfort that mud fever can cause.
Landi has had a patch of mud fever on the back of his white pastern which I have not been able to get rid of since the wet weather struck. I was little dubious of using Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure at first due to it being at the high end of my budget but when he came in and I saw how it was affecting him I decided to try it.  Initially I used the powder as his leg was far too sore to touch and I didn't want to get kicked! This was on Thursday and by Saturday (after only a couple of applications) I could run my finger over the area and the scabs came off just like that! I applied some more on Saturday evening and by Sunday morning there were no scabs,  just dry skin. I continued to apply the cream for a couple of days and now you can't even see where it was. I hadn't expected it to be gone quite so quickly!‚
Janet Scott
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