THRUSH CAN DEVELOP AT ANY TIME - Prevention is better than cure

Thrush is an anaerobic bacterial infection affecting the cleft of the frog and is characterised by a black, foul smelling secretion.
Thrush can develop at any time and it is generally considered to be the indication of poor stable management and neglect of daily hoof picking, however it is particularly common during the winter months due to the prolonged hoof contact with wet, cold mud and snow. 
Pick the feet out properly at least twice a day and when the horse is stabled brush clean paying particular attention to the frog area.

If there is evidence of some black substance, pick out as much as you can and very carefully pour a little antiseptic fluid into the cleft - be very careful not to spill any on the horses skin - this will totally disinfect the area and subsequently dry it out. 

With early treatment and good stable and environmental management, the prognosis for complete recovery for cases of thrush is good.  Treatment will usually be required for 7-14 days.  The prognosis for complete resolution is good unless the infection has been allowed to become chronic and/or there is extensive involvement of deeper  tissues.

When left untreated the whole frog may begin to become infected possibly leading to lameness, always ask your farrier on the condition of the frog and if necessary consult your vet. Read more advice on Thrush

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