SPRING TIDY UP - Grooming tips that will help prepare your horse for the summer months

SPRING TIDY-UP - Improve the appearance of your horse, trimming and  sprucing up tips

Spring is here and although the weather isn't quite good enough to give your horse a bath, you can do some tidying, trimming and general sprucing-up!

Now’s the perfect time to give your horse a spring clean and help him shed his winter coat! 

groming your horse
At this time of year many horses are moulting and have clips which are partially grown out - so the overall appearance is not marvellous! So why not spend a little bit of time and effort improving your horse's overall look?

Coat tactics
When they are moulting horses get rather itchy - so you can do your horse a big favour by giving him a good groom to help remove the loose hair. Use a rubber curry comb in a circular motion and the chances are you'll get plenty of hair out! It helps to stop every now and then to flick loose hairs off the horse using a dandy brush.  It also makes sense to protect your own clothing and skin by wearing overalls for this job. 

While you are grooming, do remember to check your horse over thoroughly for any lumps or scabby areas - it is often easy to miss these under a thick winter coat. Do take the opportunity, if the weather allows, to turn your horse out without a rug. He'll probably enjoy a good roll - which is another good way of getting rid of loose hair.

Mane & tail
If time shortages over winter have meant your horse's mane has become a little unruly, now's a good time to get it back under control. Pull the mane to even it up and then dampen and plait it over so that all the mane lies neatly over to one side.

HA0698Bob AtkinsRight: Neatly trimmed legs and a clean tidy tail.

Tails often look grubby after winter so you may decide that a wash is needed. If so, choose your day carefully - or alternatively, if the weather isn't great, just wash the end of the tail (ie up to the dock). You can also trim the ends - remember that if you cut a section off the tail, the tail, when held up naturally, should not be any higher than the bottom of the chestnuts on your horse's legs.

Not long now!!
You can also trim the hair off the back of your horse's legs, his feathers and the coarse hair that hangs under his jaw. If you have a light-coloured horse and he is particularly mucky, you can always spot-clean the dirty patches before riding him - and hopefully it won't be too long before you can give your horse a good bath!