'PUTTING UP' BRIDLES - How should you leave your bridle?

How should you leave your bridle once it has been cleaned?
'Putting up' your bridle will ensure it is always ready for use and will help to maximise the bridle's useful life.
If possible, leave your reins hanging down for their full length, but if you have insufficient room, loop the reins up as detailed here.

HA1672Bob Atkins

1. Double up the reins at the back of the bridle, putting the throatlash through them and then securing the throatlash either by buckling it or threading the end through the keepers. Then put the noseband around the outside of the whole bridle and secure it with its keepers. Simply using the keepers to secure the noseband and throatlash means that you can quickly get to the bridle when you want to tack up.

2. An alternative is to double up the reins as before, then wind the longest part of the throatlash around them in a figure of eight, bringing the throatlash around the front of the bridle first, putting the throatlash through the reins at the back of the bridle and then buckling or threading the long end of the throatlash to the short end at the front of the bridle (see pic to the left above).