Kate Negus Saddlery is encouraging event riders to consider using stud girths this season, to help prevent injury from metal shoes and studs when jumping. A move prompted by a shocking image showing how much damage a stud girth can be subjected to during a competition.

“We know that people have different views on stud girths, but as you’ll see from the image, this one shows just how much damage a horse can do to itself, especially if the horse really tucks its feet up,” says Julia Andrews, Managing Director of Kate Negus Saddlery. “Not only can you see the stud marks on this stud girth, but you can see the imprint of the metal shoes too. It’s frightening to think of the damage that could have been caused if the horse hadn’t been wearing this.”

Stud girths are available in a range of different styles to suit with integral stud guard girths and retrofit stud guards that can work with existing girths. Fit is important to ensure that the horse is comfortable when he’s wearing it and that it offers the optimum level of protection. Other features, such as shaped areas to allow free shoulder movement and non flap designs are also available. 
Kate negus stud gaurd

“I use a stud guard girth for showjumping and cross country,” says Sarah Cohen, one of Kate Negus Saddlery’s sponsored riders. “The level a horse competes at doesn’t necessarily reduce its need for a stud guard, and when you see the marks and scuffs on the guard, even if jumping without studs, it just reinforces why it’s an important addition! Horses have lots of different jumping styles, and using a stud guard is a no brainer. There are enough potential issues that a rider and horse encounter when riding, and adding a stud guard to your tack is a great way to avoid one.”

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