This exercise moves on from trot poles on a circle, part one. Once you have mastered the first exercise add two more poles on to your 20m circle so that your circle is effectively split into four with equi-distance from pole to pole.

What to do
As before, ride over the centre of each pole, as you trot around the circle, ensuring that in each quadrant of the circle you ride the same number of strides. You also need to keep a correct bend throughout and maintain an even trot rhythm. As with the earlier exercise, ensure you work off both reins, if necessary spending extra time on the more difficult rein. 
You want your horse to be equally comfortable on each rein. When he is, and can maintain the same rhythm and keep the correct bend throughout, with the same number of strides throughout each quadrant, and can achieve a perfect circle, you have successfully completed the exercise.

REMEMBER this exercise will be difficult for stiff, resistant horses but quietly persist and you will achieve your objective.

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