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MOUNTING PROBLEMS - Annoying and dangerous!

Discipline is the key to training your horse for mounting. 
Q. Do you have a horse that is a problem to mount, will he only let you get on if someone holds him, does he dance around and refuse to stand still and spook at every little thing once you're on?.
A. Horses that won't stand to be mounted are annoying and can be dangerous. The good news is that your horse can be re-trained by the way you handle him. Start by making him stand in-hand in all sorts of different places and situations. When you have established this, pretend to begin to mount but don't put your foot in the stirrup, eventually he will become more and more confident about having you near his side without the fear of you climbing on him.
Try using a mounting block when ever possible - walk him to the block and get him to stand still and parallel with it. Praise him for standing still and move off without getting on. Repeat this until he stands calmly at the block. Only once you have established a calmer horse, try getting on. Hopefully he will be confident about having you mount and will be relaxed enough to stand. If he starts to dance around again - simply keep repeating the exercise - be patient - your horse will eventually get the message and become confident and relaxed when you mount.
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