CROSS-COUNTRY - Why does my horse refuse or stop?

Rise to the challenge 

HorseQ. Why does my horse refuse or stop? 

A. There are a few reasons for this which is not always just because they are being naughty. Confidence in both horse and rider are major factors here, the rider must convey total assurance to the horse and in turn the horse must be fully prepared, and sure in what is being asked. The approach to the fence is important, you are asking your horse to launch himself at an obstacle therefore ride in positively without aggression and keep a balanced rhythmic stride. A slip or stumble on the approach can easily put the horse off. 

Rider – Q. Do you feel insecure when jumping a fence?.

A. Practice the speed and approach over smaller obstacles to learn your horse stride and their shape over a fence. Progress gradually and allow the horse to jump underneath you whilst keeping a good centre of balance, this will stop you jumping the fence for the horse by leaning too far forward and also stop you becoming behind the stride by leaning too far back, both of which will be uncomfortable for the horse. Try shortening your stirrups slightly as this will allow your seat to stay more centrally balanced over the top of the fence. 

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