SHOW JUMPING - How can I jump clear rounds and remember the course?

Rise to the challenge

Horse –Q.  Do you want to jump a clear rounds?

A. First of all check you horses health, pain in the back or in any of the limbs may make the horse jump low and flat in order to get the other side as quickly as possible.
Over riding can also flatten the horses jumping style, try and keep your weight through your legs and keep your upper body weight over the horses' centre of gravity. Keep your head up and look forward, allowing your hands to move with natural movement of the horses head and neck.  Restriction in this area will pull the horses head up and hollow the back and flatten the hind quarters.

 Rider – Q. Forgetting the course? 

A. Nerves effect many riders at all levels however the golden rule is to use them as a positive not a negative. You must be focused and disciplined when walking the course, concentrate and be confident. After walking the first three fences, pause, close you eyes and ride them in your mind, move on and continue the same technique for the rest of the course.  Take your time and stay focused to memorize the whole course and the stride distances you have measured.
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