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DRESSAGE - Does your horse resist going forward, do you loose leg contact?

Rise to the challenge 

Horse – Q. Resisting going forward?

A. Horses that lack confidence often resist going forward as they are confused about what is being asked of them or that they find the demand is too difficult. Adjust the training, go back to simple steps which the horse finds easy and progress slower introducing lunge work to improve their confidence.

When being ridden, restriction through the reins is also a common fault. Trying to manipulate the horses' carriage with the reins and not through a strong seat will confuse the horse and make them uncomfortable.

Rider –Q.  Loose leg Contact?

A. Riding with stirrups too long is often the cause for this along with tightness in the hips and seat. A very useful exercise to discover a natural seat and balance of the rider is to have a lunging lesson with their horse - without stirrups the rider will become more supple and move with the horses' natural pace. When the stirrups are reintroduced the rider should sit deeper in the saddle and therefore put the weight through the lower leg. 

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