How to stay positive after a disappointing performance...

A few days have gone by since Becci's last event at Brand Hall and she has time to look back and reflect.
It's easy to come away from an event that didn't go the way you had planned and dwell on the negatives, but with so many of Becci's friends and followers actually watching that day or following the video footage after, they soon lifted her spirits and helped her see all the positives that can come from a great big fat E on your record!!
Becci continues…

becci 1 My dressage was early on Friday, second in and Candy was a little madam, I went into the test frustrated with a horse that just wouldn't soften. A score or 57.5 put us in the bottom quarter- to be expected really! With the best score 42 and the worst 69 in the section, I think all competitors knew it wasn't going to be a dressage competition. 
After walking the cross country the first time, I began to question if I would make it past fence 7, with Candy jumping huge over ditches and the A,B,C allowing little room for error and an easy run out.

I walked the course again and with the help of Sue Colley began to feel more confident about the long twisty course and its testing fences …. But I was up for the challenge.
The Show jumping seemed to be the biggest test with fourteen jumping efforts and its bold up to height technical course was causing chaos to say the least. 
Becci Jump 
I took a deep breath and rode the course like I knew I could, I come about with one of the only 4 clear rounds out of 50 people! I was buzzing and yet shaking with the thought that I had just jumped clear over the biggest track Candy and I have ever done. 
The Cross Country came next and after looking at the score board I knew that if I could jump clear I would be in for our first top 10 placing at a 1 star.
I rode faster and harder which enabled us to jump clear through fences 7 & 8. A quick pat on the neck for Candy but it wasn't long before I felt I had to use I whip, at the water combination she jumped lovely but just after that she dropped off my leg and I could tell she was tired. 
becci xc_1

Over the trekhaner it was a little sticky but Candy cleared fence 18, we continued round to fence 19, a very narrow corner, I shortened her canter and gave her a quick tap on the neck as we rode forward but just three strides from the fence nothing happened, I got a terrible stride (I could use a powerful expletive but I wont) and where Candy would help, she didn't. I still can't believe it; if it had been a slightly wider fence she would have sat on her hocks and jumped it for me, but with it being at the end of the course (2 from home) she was physically too tired, which unfortunately resulted in us walking home. 

Becci xc_log 
Reflecting back Candy gave me such a great round and I can't wait to have another crack at 1 star again, I need to work on Candy's stamina so she can cope with the longer course and more fences.
Lady on the other hand has been going from strength to strength jumping consistent double clears. She has been placed in the top 10 for the last 4 times and is definitely ready to step it up a level.

Our last BE90 outing was Draycott House and the dressage went beautifully, she felt much more balanced to score a competitive 34 and we got another clear in show jumping which lifted us higher up in the placing, however with a very annoying hesitation and quick decision from the steward we picked up 20 penalties, which in my eyes she didn't really deserve. Nonetheless it was a great round and I still feel she is ready to have ago at BE100. 
We are soon off to stay with Fox Covert Horses and have some training from Holly Gillott and attend some BSJA which I am really looking forward to.
After what has happened this month it has made me more determined to succeed and once I had taken all the positives from what I have achieved from the competitive dressage and the clears in show-jumping, I am excited about the future - I know that we can work on bringing everything together on the day and this will ultimately put us up there on the leader board where we need to be.

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