Richard passes a mile stone in his jumping, but explains why he's not out competing over big jumps just yet.
Last weekend Richard jumped a 1.20m jump for the first time. He achieved this while training at home; it was a real mile stone of how far Richard and Tommy have grown since spring of this year when they competed in a 65cm class.

       Rich 2_jump                         Rich 3_jump 
So, why is Richard not jumping Fox Hunter Classes in British Show Jumping Competitions? 
Richard continues ….
I knew it was time for me to have a good talk with my yard owner and show jumping coach Katy Thomas and get her  advice, support and input on this question: Katy's response was very clear -
‚Äö√Ñ√∫Jumping one 1.20m fence at home is great, but when you go into a ring with 15+ fences, related distances, fillers, spreads and a 350mpm time allowance, keeping yourself and your horse calm and being able to approach each fence with the same balance is really hard and it takes an experience from both horse and rider. It's harder than the professional riders make it look and when you get half way round it can be really easy to get "lost" and panic. But that doesn't mean you and Tommy will not get there, because you will. You are both great and I know that one day you guys will do a Fox Hunter Class  as long as you keep putting in the work and build up in a constructive way‚Äö√Ñ√π
I think that sums it up, it's not about getting over a jump as much as getting between them in the most effective way. But the most important thing right now is I know Tommy can jump 1.20m with room to spare and this has had such an amazing boost to our confidence and means we realistically have 1.20m classes to look forwards too in the future.

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