FOAL THROWN AWAY - Twiggy now the most loved foal in the UK

This is a true story behind a little orphan foal that joined a therapy horse team.  By Caroline Seignot 

Back in May this year, late at night, a tiny two day old miniature filly was found at the side of a busy road in Hampshire. She was very weak and had to be taken to the Liphook Equine Hospital where she received fluids for hydration and milk, along with the wonderful care and love of the staff.. Although a search of the area was conducted throughout the following week, the filly's mother was not discovered. 

Orphan foal 1
Caroline a previous nurse at the equine hospital was contacted by Gemma Yates to possibly re-home the filly. At only five days old she was discharged from hospital and promptly moved into Caroline’s back garden to enable her to feed the miniature hourly throughout the night. 
Orphan foal in hospital
During the day she travelled around with her in her converted miniature horsebox/van and pottered about at her side while she went through her daily routine.

However, her daily routine opened up a whole new world for the newly named 'Twiggy', as Caroline ran Pony Pals, a miniature horse therapy business that visits residents of nursing homes throughout Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.
Twiggy tagged along on her therapy horse visits and was bottle feed by the residents, who adored her.

Caroline’s team of ponies are trained to enter the nursing home, walk beside wheelchairs, to use a lift and to stand quietly to be groomed, plaited and have ribbons tied in their mane. 

Little Twiggy has a long way to go in order to become a fully fledged therapy horse, but she certainly is coming on well. In the ten weeks that they have owned her she has visited hundreds of residents and bought a smile to each and every face.

Orphan foal outside
This little unwanted foal that had been thrown away has now become one of the most loved miniature horses in the UK! 

Horse Answers Today wish Twiggy and the team all the love and luck in the world - so may will now benefit from the love she will give.