WHY SETTING RIDING GOALS IS SO IMPORTANT - Katy shares her goals and achievements

A feel good factor for Katy – Looking back on her 2014 achievements

Setting your self goals at the beginning of the year is really important, but sticking to them throughout the year is even more important. How does Katy know? Because she set herself some pretty tough and challenging goals at the start of 2014 and can now look back on all her achievements, success stories and even her tribulations and say with confidence that she had a great year.

Katy continues:
I had a complete mixed bag of goals that I wanted to achieve throughout 2014 and I knew it would be a tough year, but by having my goals clearly set out with timelines it kept me focussed and positive, I now look back and am amazed as to how much I achieved.    


Katy pic 1 OLLY
1. I bought Olly! 
Buying a new top horse was the first thing on my list for 2014! And after a lot of saving and worrying whether I could afford it or not, I took the plunge and bought the marvellous B Full Colours who came on 2nd of January 2014!! A great way to start 2014

2. A brand new MENAGE at my yard (Newfield Livery)!! 
Katy pic 2 a  Menage
Something that was crucial to my 2014 training, coaching and my whole yard. After a very wet 2013 I knew I had to update my ménage with better drainage and surface! 
I had to pluck up the courage and seek financial support from my bank and by the end of February 2014 I had a very lovely new ménage, looking back it was a great decision!

My new ménage has allowed me to train all year round and coach so many more riders who now enjoy the fabulous facilities. 

3. Fetaured rider on Horse Answers Today www.horseanswerstoday.com 
I have now been one of Horse Answers Today featured riders for a full year, writing articles that will help other riders enjoy and have fun with their riding.

It has given me a great understanding not only how the publishing and media industry work, but also understand better the expectations horse riders and owners have of material they believe will help them, their horse and their riding. It’s been a big learning curve but I feel like I have learnt so much and also met some great people along the way! 

4. Jumping my first 1.30
Katy pic 4 - My first 1.30
Wow – this has been such a huge block in my mind for a few years. The move from 1.20 to 1.30 seemed so BIG and out of reach but I was determined to have and keep it as one of my MUST have goals to reach in 2014.
Olly made this possible for me; sitting on a horse with a bigger engine and training with some great people made all the difference and gave me the confidence to go for my goals!
In June 2014 Olly and me jumped our first 1.30 together and even managed an almost clear round, with just the last fence down.

5. WINNING my first 1.30!!
Katy pic 5 - the 1.30 I WON
Yes, this wasn’t even on my list this year! It was like an added bonus! By August I was feeling so much more confident in 1.30s which led to Olly and me actually winning one, it was amazing with a red ribbon and everything! And filled me with confidence for the rest of the year! 

6. Lots of coaching! 
My successful year was being noted and by August I suddenly found myself with lots of new riders to coach. Something I am very passionate about and enjoy. 
It’s great to see people have confidence in your ability, enough to want to learn from you. 

7. Mountain Horse UK

I was so happy when Mountain Horse came forward and offered to support me with products for some of my events. By supplying me with lovely competition and casual riding gear and footwear which meant that I have looked and felt the part this year at competitions and whilst teaching and training.

8. Arena UK Festival
Katy pic 8 - Arena UK on olly
In 2013 I bottled out of Arena UK festival and I really kicked myself for it! So I decided that 2014 was the year to do it! It was my first big away show and I took both, Apollo and Olly! 

It turned out to be a great show and I even managed to win some rosettes and money! I managed 2nd place in the 1.05 finals on Apollo and 10th place in the 1.15 finals on Olly. 

It was great to have so much support too, with my new Mountain Horse competition gear, www.horseanswerstoday.com & lots of friends and family who came down to see me compete. Many of my friends were also competing but it was also great to meet and spend time with some new people and who love show jumping just as much as I, I even met the person who broke Olly in and rode him as a youngster, she was really happy with the way he looked and was going.

9. Dodson and Horrell Championships 
Katy pic 9 - DH champs

Another must do on my list for 2014! I was so happy to make it down to Aintree International for my second away show of this season!
Katy pic 9 a DH champs
Last year I hadn’t been able to make it due to Apollo’s injury, but this year it felt great to qualify and take both my horses, meet some friends and make some new ones.

I came away with a 4th PLACE in the 1.15 Aintree National Championships on Light’s Out (Apollo) a great way to end a great season!!!

10. Puissance
Katy pic 10 puissance 2

As Christmas grew closer I thought it would be nice to give the horses a well earned chill out with lots of hacking. But I knew I simply just had to have a go at the Speetley Puissance on Olly!
I was really happy to get to the 1.65 round and it was during one of these rounds that I was told the fences were 1.20, there were 3 fences in total, including and Oxer, triple bar and of course the wall.
I rode it very confidently and felt like we breezed it when we came out of the arena, Olly just felt great – To my amazement after completing I was informed that all fences were actually all 1.40!!!!!! 

It really does go to show that height is all in the head but more importantly that height isn’t proving a problem for Olly and maybe next year our NEW goal of 1.40 isn’t out of reach. 

All in all 2014 has been a great year. Don’t get me wrong, I have had my ups and downs too. But I look back on 2014 with fond memories, achievements and new found confidence in me and my horses. I am definatley entering 2015 with a feel good factor.
Katy Feel good pic I hope everyone out there has managed to reach some, if not all of their goals this year. Goal setting really is a great way to monitor your progress and makes you realise just how far you have come. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year! I hope we all make 2015 even better than last year. I look forward to keeping you updated on all my 2015 goals and achievemnts. For more real life stories that will inspire and motivate you and your horse click here