RICHARD TAKES TIME TO REFLECT AND PLAN FOR 2015 - Dressage and Showjumping

The winter is a challenge for most riders especially when the snow turns up. So Rich reflects on his performance in 2014 and sets some goals for 2015.

During the first weeks of 2015 Newfield livery yard was under snow and Rich was unable to ride Tommy as much as he would have liked, so he spent his time wisely looking back on all his achievements in 2014 and using them to plan for when the spring arrives.

Rich continues:

The major achievement for 2014 was that Tommy and I finally managed to win two showjumping classes at out local riding club championship show. Winning isn't everything but I saw this as a clear indication of how we are improving.
The second competition highlight of 2014 was coming second in a dressage test with a score of 72%. This is a higher score than I ever managed to get with my first horse Little Bea and I was only 1% off the winner. This really boosted my confidence and again showed me how Tommy was improving.

At the beginning of 2014 I had also thought I would try my first one day event during the year. But as the year progressed this became out of reach because I couldn't manage to fit in any XC training. I can train for showjumping and dressage at my yard but not for cross country. I decided to leave this goal until I was in a position to give it the focus and training it requires.
Rich galloping
And so,on to 2015….. In the early weeks I became despondent and felt like the weather was beating me , especially when I had friends that were heading off to the Sunshine Tour in Spain for a month of showjumping.

This didn’t last long as the weather had a dramatic change, the snow left us and February bought some great days full of blue skies and I managed to get back in to training.

My plan for 2015 is to compete in dressage and showjumping again and follow up on some of my 2014 success. For dressage I will start the year by trying internet dressage competitions; these work by you having a friend video your dressage test then you upload it for judging and then receive feed back and hopefully get placed in the competition.
Rich and Tommy head and shoulders
On the showjumping front I feel that the cost of affiliating to compete with British Showjumping will require quite a large budget, so I will be looking at unaffiliated options including the championships run by British Riding Clubs.

I am looking forward to the 2015 season and hope it will be another year that Tommy and I take more steps forward in our partnership and training.

I’m sure there will be many high points and exciting times to look forwards to – as long as the weather keeps working in our favour. - Supply Richard with his riding clothing and footwear - Supply Richard with his riding protection 

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