Looking back on 2014 Katy was quiet surprised and proud of herself and her horses for achieving all her goals and more. It is really easy to forget how far you have come or how much you have done throughout a complete riding year, like many as Katy and her horse’s progress, she can quickly forget as she strives for the next challenge that will improve her riding and performance.

Setting clear goals last year really helped to remind Katy of all the things she had managed to achieve and gave her the chance to look back on a successful year and give herself a well earned  pat on the back. 

Katy continues:

Setting goals helps keep me motivated especially during 2014 where most of my goals were on a public platform, I really felt I had to strive for these goals and know it was the push I needed.

With this in mind, I have decided to set 5 clear 2015 goals and thought I would share them with you. 

Katy with both horses
1.Jump a 1.40 

Last year I made it clear that I wanted to complete a 1.30m track. I honestly doubted myself a lot over this, but making the goal very public and with a lot of help from trainers I managed to man up and get on with it. And now, 1.30s are becoming second nature, I find them really exciting and they have become one of my more enjoyable classes. 

So I hope that history can repeat itself and I can, with the right training, compete in at least one 1.40m class this year.

2.Win some more 1.30s & compete at more National level shows

I have become so much more confident at this level now, so I really hope to continue to improve and hopefully have a few more wins with my horse Olly.
I also hope to win at a national competition. 
I had a lot of fun at Arena UK and Aintree in 2014 and I hope to attend many, many more like this in 2015.

3.New rides 

Another big goal of mine is to invest in another horse or even have the chance to compete other people’s horses. 
Buying Olly last year was one of the best things I have done, I have learnt so much from him and having two horses to compete all year was a lot better than just the one. This year I would really like to have a younger horse to compete and have a go at the age classes.

4.More Coaching Qualifications 

I hold my UKCC2 coaching qualification already and I have completed over half of my BHS PTT instructor’s exam. This year I want to get the paper work for that exam completed. But even more than that, I would like to take my UKCC3 exam and hopefully a specific show jumping coaching exam. 


In 2014 I started to benefit from some support from some great companies such as Mountain Horse and won many competitions where I won saddle pads, rugs and feed and I can’t explain to you how much that helped! I was so happy and thankful when Mountain Horse kitted me out for Arena UK Champs which meant I had a fresh outfit for each day.  

I am planning on competing at a lot more national shows this year and staying away for longer periods of time with my horses so more sponsorship would be a well received and give me the support and help to make this possible for me. I have a lot to offer a Sponsor and would love to hear from anyone who may have any ideas that could help me achieve my dreams.
Katy in arena
So there you have it; 5 BIG goals I have set myself for 2015. 

And I have already got started, so far this year I have already taken Olly (B Full Colours) competing where we had a great Double Clear in the 1.30m Open and placed in the top 4. I have also started training both at home and away over 1.40m tracks. 

The weather hasn’t been very helpful over the past few weeks with 3 feet of snow, but I am really looking forward to getting back to riding, coaching and most importantly show jumping.  

Wish us luck Katy
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