Our rider who has recently returned to riding has enjoyed some unexpected success with her horse.

A trip which was intended to be a schooling session resulted in an unexpected competition entry and a sixth place rosette for Gerry Stroud and her Irish Draught Tommy Tipple.

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Gerry went to Arena UK in Lincolnshire intending to have a dressage practice session but when the chance came along to enter an Intro A dressage competition Gerry decided to go for it.
'The points I lost were definitely my fault' explained Gerry. 'I got lots of sixes and sevens, with sevens for transitions, which I've been working on in my lessons with my instructor, Valerie Armitage. I even got an eight at the end of the test.
'This is the second test I've done with Tommy and I want to get the best possible scores at Intro before moving on. He's only six but he was more confident in me because I'm asking him in the correct way."
Horse Answers Today watched Gerry having a flatwork lesson. On the left rein, performing trot to canter transitions, Gerry had to work hard at keeping her outside rein secure while trying to ensure that she did not pull back on her inside rein. When she changed on to the right rein it was much easier for her to keep the outside rein, and as her right hand was less dominant she kept a better contact and her horse found it easier to perform the transitions, without feeling the need to move his head upwards.
Gerry has more lessons planned as she is hoping to go to another dressage competition at the beginning of June.