Horse Riding holidays in the jewel of Central America.

costa ricca_logoCosta Rica is often described as the Switzerland of Central America.

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Comparisons between the countries focus on the mountains, the clean living, the political neutrality and the attention to the environment. The comparisons don't just end there; according to the Happy Planet Index, a project of the New Economics Foundation, Costa Rica leads the world ahead of Switzerland which ranks number four. The HP Index measures life expectancy, experienced well being and ecological footprint.

cosat ricca_old_man_on_horseWith over 25% of the land in this tiny country protected National Park it's no surprise that tourism is the number one industry in Costa Rica. Last year more than 37,000 British tourists came to Costa Rica, a growing number particularly in niche sectors like bird watching. This narrow bridge between North and South America provides an incredibly high density of wildlife. For example, almost 900 species of bird have been recorded here, more than all of the US and Canada combined.
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Apart from the outstanding wildlife watching and 'adrenaline' sports such as white-water rafting and zip lining through the rainforest canopy, Costa Rica is a well established location for horse riding tours. Most of these tours are half day or full day tours in popular locations like the slopes of Arenal Volcano, Montverde Cloud forest, and also on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

cosat ricca_beachThere is nothing more romantic than the sight of horses running along a deserted tropical beach, watching the sunset on the horizon. The North West region of Guanacaste is famous not only for its stunning beaches, but the drier savannah landscape is dotted with traditional cowboy ranches or haciendas.
Horse riding tours here are generally designed for a wide level of abilities including advanced riders. For more adventurous holidays on horseback, multiday trips are possible which include rest days and optional activities such as nature hikes and even dance classes. Horseback tours give 'off the beaten track' access to the beautiful countryside, which most visitors to Costa Rica rarely get to see except through a coach or car window.

cosat ricca_stream_forrest My Holiday in Costa Rica! is an online travel company that designs personalized tours for independent travellers to this exotic paradise. We are a British-Costa Rican couple who know the country, the best places to go and the best places to stay. We can arrange horse riding tours as well as tours with a focus on wildlife viewing. If you want to relax on a palm fringed beach or soak in volcanic hot springs Costa Rica has it all. Just book your flight to Costa Rica and leave the rest to us!
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