HORSE TRAIL OF A LIFETIME - Sunshine Coast of South Africa

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Mkulu Kei Horse Trails is proud to offer you the horse trail of a lifetime with our expansion into the Sunshine Coast of South Africa, an area known for its un-spoilt beauty, kilometer upon kilometer of pristine beaches and abundant and diverse sea, plant, animal and bird life. 

Historically this area was home to the Khoi San people who lived off the pickings from the ocean and their middens are still to be found in the dunes, uncovered by the winds, and contain the shells of sea creatures that made up their diet, stone age tools and shards of their pottery along with the occasional bone from long dead whales washed up onto the shore.
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The first European to discover this coastline was Bartholomew Diaz who erected a cross at Kwaai Hoek on 12 March 1488. Since then the spice trade between India and Europe passed these shores and left the inevitable ship wreaks, some of which are still visible today, most notable of these are the Volo shipwreck that happened on 6 March 1886 and the Sao Joao Baptista, wrecked in 1622 in a battle with two Dutch East Indiamen. Two cannon were recovered from the wreck off the Sao Joao Baptista and are now on display at Cannon Rocks.
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With the European expansion northwards from Cape Town this area saw many wars and skirmishes between the European settlers and the indigenous inhabitants, and between the English and the Afrikaans settlers all intent on claiming a piece of this paradise for themselves. 

In contrast to its tumultuous past the area is now a peaceful haven for man and beast alike and provides a beautiful setting for one of the premium horse riding experiences in South Africa. The warm Indian Ocean abounds with whales, dolphins, seals and sea birds, while the coast is home to numerous species of buck, monkeys, otters and innumerable bird species, all jealously protected by the farmers along the coast.
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The trail route follows the coast from Kleinmond in the west to Cannon Rocks in the east, stopping overnight at small, family run, B&BS renowned for their traditional Eastern Cape hospitality and home cooked meals. A back up vehicle is on hand to ferry your luggage from stop to stop. As the route does not turn back on itself no two days are the same, some consist of long open beaches begging to be cantered on, others involve wading or swimming, on horseback, across rivers and estuaries or exploring the flora and fauna of this special area, including indigenous coastal forests and the largest coastal dune field in the world. The route passes the Volo shipwreck and Diaz’s cross, Khoi San middens and fresh water springs in the sand dunes, all in the company of an experienced guide, well versed in the history and ecology of the region and with a passion for the conservation of the local flora and fauna. 
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The horses are fit and well trained Arabs and Arab crosses with selected larger horses for bigger clients (our weight limit is 95kg). All riding abilities are catered for; we will match a horse to your riding ability before we depart, and, time and tides permitting, we are happy to cater to your pace.

We offer a wide range of saddle options to suit your preference. 

Trails depart on the first Friday of every month (except for January) and, to ensure that we give you a personalized service, we try to limit the group size to 8 riders. Larger groups can however be accommodated on request and additional guides will be provided.  To avoid disappointment advance booking is essential.

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