SHOWING - Sport Horse In-Hand Hunters and dress code

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In- hand Hunter classes.
Hunter brood mare - with own foal at foot.
Small hunter brood mare - exceeding 14.2hh (148cm) not exceeding 15.2hh (158cm)
With own foal at foot.
Hunter foal. A colt or filly foaled in the current year at least three weeks on day of show.

Hunter yearling. A colt, gelding or filly foaled in preceding year.

Hunter two-year-old and hunter three year olds.

Dress Code for the attendants
Men should wear a suit or coat and trousers collar and tie. Protective headgear is strongly recommended.
Women may wear coat, skirt or trousers, collar and tie. Protective headgear is strongly recommended.
No earrings or visible jewellery should be worn.

Horse Turnout
Manes should be plaited. No need to plait foals.
Tails pulled or plaited. Foals may be plaited or natural.
Heels trimmed, not foals.
Led Hunters should be in plain leather head collars or bridles, two and three year olds must have bits. Yearlings may have bits however foals just have head collars.

Ridden Hunter Classes - all are for Mare or Geldings four years old or over
'Lightweight' - capable of carrying 12st 7lbs (79.5kgs)
'Middleweight' - capable of carrying 12st 7lbs not exceeding 14st (89kgs) 
'Heavyweight' - capable of carrying over 14st.
Ladies Hunter - to be ridden by a Lady side-saddle.
Novice hunters - not having won a first prize of £60 or £100 in total.

Dress Code for the Rider

Tweed coat for men, tweed coat, plain blue or black coat for women.
Plain fawn or buff breeches, not white.
Plain black or brown boots. garter straps and spurs.
An ordinary shirt, collar and tie pinned down.
No earrings or jewellery.
Plain Malacca or leather cane.

Novice working Hunter - not having won £200 in total prize money. Fences to be jumped in this class should have a minimum height of 2'9” (0.85cm) and a maximum height of 3'3” (1'00m)

Restricted working Hunter - not having won more than £400. Maximum height of fences 3'6” (1.07m)
Working Hunter - height over14.2hh (148cms) Grade A show jumpers or eventers not allowed. To be judged 60% for jumping performance (40% actual jumping, 20% style and presence), 40% as for Hunter Classes (20% ride, 20% conformation). Fences to be a minimum of eight and a maximum of 12 in number and a maximum height of 3'9‚Äö√Ñ√π (1.14m) 

Dress Code for the rider
It is strongly recommended that riders 18 years old and over wear a skull cap or hat in accordance with the current approved BSI or European Standard.
Horse Turnout
No tack may be worn which conceals the horse's conformation, boots, bandages, rugs or branded clothing to be worn in the ring.
Manes should be plaited and tails pulled or laced.
Plain leather bridles, snaffle bridles for four and five year olds, however not compulsory for six, seven and either year olds. Bitless bridles are not allowed.
The next article will continue the theme detailing the British Show Horse classes and rules. 
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