British Show Cobs
The Cob is a type rather than a breed. A short legged animal, with good bone below the knee, substance and quality and capable of carrying a substantial weight with ease. Displaying manners is essential and they are ideal for a novice, nervous or elderly rider.

Cobs will have generous but attractive heads (sometimes roman nosed), large kind eyes, a well muscled balanced neck, strong hind legs and an overall sturdy outlook. They will have a hogged mane and well pulled tail. All of these qualities will benefit the low comfortable movement which is characteristic to the show Cob.
lightweigh cob_in_hand
Lightweight Cob (minimum bone 8 ¬?‚Äù bone beneath the knee) - mare or gelding four years old and over, not exceeding 15.1hh‚Äù and capable of carrying 14 stone.

This picture shows a beautiful example of a Lightweight cob. A striking appearance, excellent conformation with good strong limbs and a very obvious kind, alert outlook.

Heavyweight cob follows the same criteria however they must be capable of carrying more than 14 stone and have a minimum of 9” bone beneath the knee
Maxi Cob - mare or gelding four years old and over, exceeding 15.1hh. Short legged animals of COB type to be shown hogged.

As mentioned in the previous articles, always ask for professional advice on which class would suit your horse, visit a show as a spectator and study that class to understand what you will have to learn and what your horse will be required to do.
There are also classes for Novice, Side Saddle and Working Cobs. There are very clear rules and restrictions so make sure you are aware of those held by The British Show Horse Association.