Riding Horses 

The true Show Riding Horse is between a Hack and a Hunter. riding horse_in_hand
They will have quality, substance, good bone and as always presence. Again the confirmation must be correct to ensure the desired effortless movement through all the paces. Although the movement should be free flowing, straight and with ease, the extravagance of a Show hack is not necessary. 

Intensive home schooling and training will provide the overall picture of a horse that is relaxed but athletic, enthusiastic but controlled and fully responsive to the rider's aids.

This class will also require a Gallop, which must be practised and perfected, it can decide on the position you are placed in.
The Riding Horse classes are divided into two height restrictions: the Small Riding Horse exceeding 14.2hh and not exceeding 15.2hh and the Large Riding Horse exceeding 15.2hh.

Working Show Horse Classes
riding horse_res_champ 
These classes are available for Cobs, Ponies and Riding Horses. Working Hunters were covered in Part 2. Horses will be required to jump a round of rustic fences and then proceed as if in a Show class only. The manners, confirmation and flow are all essential, as is a lot of preparation to display a rhythmic controlled jumping round.  

The jump heights for Novice between 2'3 and 2'6 and for the open class the fences will be between 2'6 and 2'9. There may well be a variety of fillers, widths and ornaments to negotiate therefore it is advisable to make varied fences at home to practice over.