Warm up in the collecting ring. 
The warm up arenas are always very busy and often over crowded. Horses' preparing for all sorts of classes will share the same area, always be respectful and aware of others around you.

Try and find some space of your own to gradually work your horse in and warm up.

collecting ring

Use lots of transitions to encourage your horse to listen to you and your aids. This helps the horse to become more engaged behind which will subsequently improve the overall balance and self carriage.

Allow the horse to see all the activity around in the warm up area so that once called into the ring, he or she will be focused on the job in hand and be totally responsive.

Excellent manners are the key to success in the show ring; therefore make sure that the warm up period is as long or short as you specifically need in order to get your horse listening to you.


Whilst warming up be aware of the other horses that will be in your class and quickly indentify naughty ones, the various types, colours and looks. 

Once your class is called by the ring steard, place yourself by the horse you have chosen to follow, gather your thoughts and concentrate. This is IT!

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