SHOWING - Ring craft do's and don'ts

Ring Craft do's and don'ts.
Make sure there is space between you and the horse in front before entering the ring and try not to follow a horse which looks like yours.
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Remember this is the first time the Judge is going to notice you and your horse so make an impact. Never allow yourself to become crowded and steer clear of distractions as best you can.

Always be fully aware of the Stewards and watch for any instruction from them, to change the gait or change the rein and respond.

Do not get to close to the Judge, however, before passing in front of them be sure they only have eyes for you.

As a complete class you will all be asked to walk, trot and canter around the ring on both reins until the judge is happy they have seen everyone in each gait.

The Stewards will then call the competitors into line as per the Judge's request, watch the steward very carefully and as soon as you are signalled line up.

The Judge will request each competitor in order to come forward from the line where you may be asked a couple of questions.

Politeness goes along way so do not be over familiar, be gracious and respectful. You will then be asked to provide an individual show in front of the line up, the Judge and Stewards.

A well rehearsed short show will benefit your confidence and duly translate to your horse's performance; this is where all homework and observations in preparation will pay off huge dividends.

Do not make the show to long and do not go behind the line up as the Judge will be distracted; short, good clean transitions and a free flowing rhythm are the main points. Salute and smile to the Judge at the end of your show and proceed around the back of the line up to regain your original position. 
Your chosen class may require the Judge to ride your horse so make sure you have sufficient holes in your leathers to alter accordingly and that your stirrup irons are a reasonable width. 

An in-hand trot up may also be required; it would be advisable to ask a helper to help you in the ring to take your saddle off and quickly groom the area and replenish and quarter marks.  

The final walk around gives the Judge time to instruct the stewards as to the final line up, keep an eye on them. the steward will doff his/her hat and point ot you, always acknowledge the gesture with a nod and thank you and proceed in walk to join the line up. 

Do not forget to pat your horse and smile. 
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