BUG BUSTING - Top tips to help protect your horse against summer bugs

Help protect your horse against summer bugs with these top tips

 1. Spiders love flies, so leave webs in stables.

2. Protect your horse's eyes with a fly mask, ensuring that all edges fit snugly around his head. 

3. Flies breed in manure, so poo pick your fields daily

4. If possible turn your horse out with other horses so they can stand close and swish flies away from each other.

5. Bring your horses in during the day when the flies are at their worst, and put him out at night when he won't be bothered.

6. Use fly papers and fly traps around the stable block and yard (high enough that your horse will not lick or get stuck too) 

7. Place a fine mesh across windows and doors and use a suitable insecticide on stable walls.

8. Use special feed supplements in your feed such as garlic or cider vinegar, this is thought to help repel flies through horse secretions.   

9. Muck out thoroughly every day, flies will breed in deep bedding

10. Avoid pasture turnout where there is standing water as flies and mosquitoes thrive on it.
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