IS YOUR HORSE OVERWEIGHT? Tips to aid weight loss

Top tips to aid weight loss in horse's

•Weight loss must be gradual; avoid starvation and crash diets.

•Reduce calories not bulk. Feed a diet based on grass hay or hay substitute with low carbohydrate content. Good quality straw can be used. Water must be available at all times.

•Feed a minimum 1.5 per cent of current bodyweight of hay to achieve weight loss safely.

•Monitor weight weekly.

•Soak hay, for several hours to remove sugars.

•Use a commercial low calorie feed balancer.

•Weigh out feed. This may be tedious but it will stop you from being tempted to give that little bit extra.

•Restrict access to grazing by reducing time at pasture, using electric fencing or a grazing muzzle.

•Use a small holed haynet or double net to keep your horse occupied for longer.

•Increase exercise levels.

•Removing rugs or clipping will make a horse burn energy to keep warm.

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