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Total training_equineMini Training Series - PART 1
Ground Handling 
It is so very important to get the basics right when starting a horse and one of the most important things you can do with your young horse is to spend as much time as possible handling the horse within the stable.  

Begin by entering and leaving the stable many times throughout the day to do small jobs such as top up water and skip out, the horse will soon realise this is a regular occurance and take no notice.

Each time you enter the stable you should gently pat the horse and stroke him all over, a good practice is to arrange for different people to handle the horse in the stable so he gets used to being handled by different people and not just the same person every day.  

Once the horse is happy with this you can begin to fit a headcollar and leave this on for short periods of time.  You can now begin to teach the horse good stable manners such as moving backwards, moving over, picking out feet and standing still.  

Total training_1After a while you can add a bit onto the headcollar and once again leave the horse for a maximum of 30 minutes to get used to the feeling of the bit, leave a haynet so the horse is happy, this will also encourage the horse to play with the bit in his mouth.
Once the horse is used to the headcollar and bit you can begin to lead very quietly around the arena.

Click here and meet The Total Training Equine team Amanda Brewer (BHS11 SM BD and EHOA Accredited Coach) and David Burgess (Expert trainer of young and tricky horses) Petwick Stables in Oxon.