TOTAL TRAINING MINI SERIES - Lunging and Long-Reining

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PART 2 - Lunging and long-reining 

David Burgess_Long_reiningNow your horse is confident with the headcollar and bit on you can introduce the bridle.  The horse must now get used to wearing a numnah and roller and possibly boots so as with the ground handling, gently introduce these in the stable and leave them fitted to allow the horse to become accustomed to the feeling of wearing them, gently pass the whip and lunge line all over the horse to get him used to the feel and so as
not to be intimidated by them.

Once confident the horse has accepted the equipment, lead the horse out into the arena and begin to lunge using just one rein.  If all the groundwork has been correctly done the horse should find this quite easy although he will be very green to start.

Do a little work in walk and a little trot, it is veryimportant to handle the lunge line correctly so as to establish good basic training and not scare or rush the horse.  

Once used to the lunge you can introduce side reins then use 2 lunge lines but initially use only over the neck and not behind the horse. Using a light steady contact when you feel the horse is accepting and forward going put the other rein around the horses behind and onto a circle in walk.

Total training_1Teach the horse to change direction, gentle steering makes a soft mouth and helps the horse understand how the bit works,once established then leave arena and out into yard and straight into stable.
The Total Training Equine team Amanda Brewer (BHS11 SM BD and EHOA Accredited Coach) and David Burgess (Expert trainer of young and trick horses) Petwick Stables in Oxon. 

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