YOUNG RIDERS TODAY - Oli goes from strength to strength

'YOUNG RIDERS TODAY'Encouraging youngsters to have fun and enjoy the riding experience

Phew! What a busy couple of months for young Oli Jackson. 

Ella confidence logoOli has been working(Catch up on Oli story so far) hard not just with his riding; but also with his end of year exams at school.  It can be tricky to balance school and riding time; but with a bit of careful planning it can be done. Joy his mum works hard making sure Jess is kept fit during the week, so that Oli can compete at the weekends.  
Ella is pleased to report that Oli & Jess came 6th at their first Pony Club one Day Event - how fantastic! They rode a 39.2 dressage test and a double clear XC and SJ and crossed the finish line with a huge smile; it’s safe to say they have got the bug!

Oli 1
 Ella Yabbacome Continues;

Together Oli and Jess have been going from strength to strength; enjoying getting out and about trying some arena eventing at vale view (another goal ticked of the list) and came 7th in the Intro class (75cms) 

They were also invited to ride for Oli’s school, Ratcliffe College schools show jumping team, competing at Arena UK. The team won the 70cms class with over 30 teams entered, qualifying for the National Schools Championships at Addington in October. 
 Oli has also been having some lessons with other instructors; this is so important as other trainers can offer a new angle and bring their experiences to the mix.  We are very fortunate to have access to some fabulous trainers & facilities locally, you’d be mad not to use them!  

At home we have been focussing our lessons on improving their dressage work; Jess loves her jumping and finds the dressage side more challenging. Whilst you can’t change a horse’s natural way of going, you can ride them to show off their best ability.  The dressage judge will always mark you well for riding an accurate test in a consistent rhythm; having a flashy horse isn’t always necessary. 
Oli 2
In training we have been discussing how a horse should work correctly; which muscles they should be using and how we can use our bodies to influence what happens.  Developing this work takes time and practise; but Oli has a great natural feel! 

“Riding a canter to trot transition is a bit like being a D.J- you have to mix the two rhythms together smoothly, without missing a beat.” – Oli Jackson, during a dressage lesson. 

As we look forward to the next few months, I am excited to see where the journey will take us; the pair is booked in for their first BE80 at Stafford and Frickley the following week. I know that Oli has big goals and the rate they are going they will be ticked off in no time. 

Find out next time how they did and what’s in store next for Oli and Jess… Oli 3

Oli’s top tips for competing; 

•Dressage- Smile at the judge when coming up the centre line, sweeten them up & look cute for extra marks! 
•Show jumping- don’t worry too much about style, just have fun and go for it!
•Cross country- even though there are lots of fences to remember, most of them naturally show you where to go.  Just remember the important parts!

YLI Equestrian's top tips;

•Try and know your dressage test inside out; but even if you make a mistake it isn’t the end of the world (see Oli’s dressage top tip)
•Explain the warm up ring etiquette to riders new to competing; pass left hand to left hand, don’t stop on the outside track, and jump the practise fence with the red flag/ wing on the right. 
•Remember to wait for the buzzer when show jumping (you’d be amazed how many riders forget!)
•Take photos of your cross-country course as you walk it, later on you can sit and remind yourself of each fence.
•Take an experienced friend with you for extra support & always pack a good picnic and plenty to drink. 

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