Hilton Herbs CushX Gold

Description CushX Gold

Cush X is a clinically-trialled and tested supportive feed supplement for horses and ponies, formulated to maintain a balanced endocrine system whatever their age.
Hilary Self, our Medical Herbalist, was required to undertake clinical studies as part of her BSc degree course in herbal medicine and she took the opportunity to trial a single herb, VitexAgnusCastus, commonly known as Chaste Tree berry or Monks Pepper seed, on a group of 50 elderly ponies.  In response to the findings of this trial and the in-depth knowledge she gained, she then formulated Cush X.Owners have reported excellent results with this supplement, especially with older horses and ponies who struggle to shed their coats in spring/summer.  The feed-back we get on this mix, not only from our customers in the UK and Europe, but also for our US customers is nothing short of phenomenal.
Price: from £23.50 for a 1kg refill bag.  Sizes from 1kg to 5kg in bags and tubs.Dry mix available. http://hiltonherbsusa.com/