Baileys Alfalfa Blend

Description Baileys Alfalfa Blend is a unique combination of alfalfa, soft green oat straw and clover which are grown as a mixed crop and harvested when the oat straw is still green so that it maintains its softness, palatability and digestibility.  The crop is grown according to organic principles, without the use of fertilisers or chemicals, and the finished product contains no artificial preservatives or mould inhibitors. 
Alfalfa Blend is high temperature-dried and given a light coating of oil and molasses and, like Alfalfa Plus Oil, is a natural source of quality protein and digestible fibre.  *Grown according to organic principles**No preservatives or mould inhibitors*
Choose Alfalfa Blend if: • You wish to add additional slow release calories and your horse is already receiving ad lib forage and the recommended amount of a compound feed or balancer• The nutritional quality of your pasture, hay or haylage is poor, or your horse does not eat forage particularly well. 
For healthy gut function, a horse should consume no less than 1 – 1.5% of its bodyweight in forage/fibre per day ie. 5 – 7.5kg for a 500kg horse•
Your horse requires a low or no starch diet yet still needs calories for work or condition DE = 9MJ/kg
ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Protein 15% Oil  4% Fibre  32% Ash  11% COMPOSITION Alfalfa, Green Oat Straw, Clover, Vegetable oil, Molasses