Baileys Alfalfa Plus Oil

Description Baileys Alfalfa Plus Oil is pure high-temperature dried chopped alfalfa with a generous coating of soya oil, which brings the overall oil content up to 11.5% and gives it an increased energy content equivalent to that of some conditioning or competition feeds.  With its high digestible fibre content and extra oil, it is an excellent option for adding slow release calories to a horse’s diet and, as alfalfa is naturally high in quality protein, it can also help build muscle and top line. 
The deep-rooted nature of the alfalfa plant means it readily takes up minerals, especially calcium, from the soil, which are then available to the horse along with vitamins A and E and some B vitamins, including biotin.  *No Added Sugar or Molasses**UK-Grown*

Choose Baileys Alfalfa Plus Oil if: You wish to add additional slow release calories and your horse is already receiving ad lib forage and the recommended amount of a compound feed or balancer. The nutritional quality of your pasture, hay or haylage is poor, or your horse does not eat forage particularly well.  For healthy gut function, a horse should consume no less than 1 – 1.5% of its bodyweight in forage/fibre per day ie. 5 – 7.5kg for a 500kg horse.

Your horse requires a low or no starch diet yet still needs calories for work or condition• Your horse requires more calories than forage alone can provide in order to maintain condition and support his workload and you prefer to avoid a conditioning cube or mix.  Remember that, although Alfalfa Plus Oil has the same DE as Top Line Conditioning Mix, it is much lighter so one Stubbs scoop of Alfalfa Plus Oil weighs 0.5kg and provides 6.25MJ, whilst one Stubbs scoop of Top Line Conditioning Mix weighs 1.3kg and provides 16.25MJ.  You would need 2.5 scoops of Alfalfa Plus Oil to deliver the same total amount of Digestible Energy as one scoop of Top Line Conditioning Mix.
DE = 12.5MJ/kgANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS:Protein 15% Oil  11.5%  Fibre  30%  Ash  9% COMPOSITION  Dried Alfalfa, Soya Oil