Baileys Fibre Plus Nuggets

Description Baileys Fibre Plus Nuggets are chunky, high fibre cubes containing natural fibre sources, including alfalfa and super fibres, plus extracts of flavours of essential oils which make them highly palatable.  Their crunchy texture ensures the horse has plenty to chew on and they are easily fed on the ground, or in boredom toys, to encourage natural foraging behaviour.  Fibre Plus Nuggets contain no additional vitamins and minerals; Baileys High Fibre Complete Nuggets are a fully balanced high fibre, low energy alternative to “conventional” high fibre cubes.

Choose Fibre Plus Nuggets if:  You wish to add additional slow release calories and your horse is already receiving ad lib forage and the recommended amount of a compound feed or balancer. The nutritional quality of your pasture, hay or haylage is poor, or your horse does not eat forage particularly well.  For healthy gut function, a horse should consume no less than 1 – 1.5% of its bodyweight in forage/fibre per day ie. 5 – 7.5kg for a 500kg horse.

Your horse is a fussy feeder generally; a handful mixed with compound feed and/or thrown in the hay pile or net, should encourage him to eat.
DE = 8.5MJ/kg ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Protein 7%  Oil  2.5%  Fibre  22%  Ash  6%

COMPOSITION  (by product of the oat milling industry), Alfalfa Meal, Molasses, Micronised Unmolassed Sugarbeet pulp, extracts of flavours of essential oils.