Lincoln Fly Collection

Description Lincoln Fly Collection
Flies and midges cause stress and carry disease, so eliminating fly worry is essential. Summer is approaching and this is the time of year when quality fly products with effective protection for your horse is required. The Lincoln Range offers a comprehensive selection of fly repellents to cover every need.The
Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent Liquid which can be conveniently sprayed onto the coat dries quickly due ti its quick drying base, leaving the effective combination of DEET 10 % & PMD 0.8 % on the horse’s coat. DEET is the most widely used fly repellent and has been available for over 55 years whilst PMD is a new generation fly repellent extracted from natural Eucalyptus Oil.
If you prefer a water based product then try Lincoln Water Based Fly Repellent which is very similar in action to the Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent Liquid. To protect against sweet itch Lincoln Ditch the Itch is an excellent product combining a modern repellent with Gum Acacia which has been used for 1000’s of years by African Tribesmen to offer effective fly repellent.
Lincoln Fly Stoppa in addition to DEET 10% and PMD 0.8% contains Glycerine and Tea Tree Oil. This will offer not only fly repellency but moisturising and natural antibacterial actions.
Lincoln Stop the Bot is available in a 1 litre convenient spray pack and has a unique triple action formula unlike no other product. It helps repel the bot fly, makes removal of the bot eggs significantly easier and also discourages the horse from ingesting the bot eggs.For those who prefer a totally natural approach the Lincoln Natural Repellent and Lincoln Fly Repellent Shampoo contain PMD (extracted from natural Eucalyptus Oil) along with other natural plant extracts Cedarwood, Galangal and Juniper.
 For more localised application and for horses who don’t like sprays, the Lincoln range offers Lincoln Fly Stuff, Lincoln Fly Repellent Gel and Lincoln Fly Repellent Roll-On
The Lincoln Fly Stuff is a non-staining soothing antibacterial cream, ideally used on bites to promote healing and prevent further fly attacks.Lincoln Fly Repellent Gel is a pleasantly fragranced crystal clear gel containing DEET 10% with additional glycerine to moisturise and condition the skin.The Lincoln Fly Repellent Roll-On is a handy 50ml pocket sized roll-on applicator pack containing DEET 10% and PMD 0.8%
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