Letter from the Horse Answers Today Team


The days are longer and warmer and there is definitely a spring in our step knowing that the months ahead give us time to get out and enjoy our best friends and the environment around them ….  Time to spring clean the yard, prepare paddocks and fields, get ourselves and our horses fit and generally have a good time doing all the things we love whether that be competing or simply out on a hack on a glorious sunny day.

To guide you through the warmer months www.horseanswerstoday.com  will be sharing lots of great tips  and advice including some great  schooling exercises that will help you improve your riding, tips on how to better understand your horses behavior and advice  on how to cope with some of the many  issues your horse might face during spring and summer including allergies and laminitis.

Plus we’ll have lots of new summer gear and products that will help you and your horse look smart, perform better or simply enjoy each others company down the yard.

We are here to help you keep your riding enjoyable and your horse healthy.

New articles are published every day, so keep popping in to get your daily fix of advice and tips.

Enjoy the ride
Suzanne and the team