Wind Sucking

A wind-sucking horse is said to 'crib in the air', this is because they do not need an object to grip on in order to intake wind.

The horse will bend their head towards the breast, flap their lips about jerk the head and neck, and gulp in the air.

It is unlikely you will completely stop a determined cribber and no one remedy or combination of remedies has yet proven 100% effective. You can only take steps to minimize damage done to your woodwork and your horse’s health.

The most effective remedy will be to allow your horse to live in the most natural environment possible. Free access to pasture grass or plentiful hay will fulfill the horse’s normal instinct to graze. Wide open spaces will help a horse, stressed by stabling, feel more at ease.

In addition you could try any combination of the following:
Cribbing straps or collars that are worn high up on the horse’s neck to prevent expansion of the esophagus.

Aways consult your veterinarian for advice about treating
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