ULCERS: FIRST GASTIC ULCER APP - Now you can use your phone to find out more....

Ulcers: New ‘Blippar’ App Tells All

The first gastric ulcer App with autoplay video content is now available for horse owners. Using augmented reality Blippar technology, the App demonstrates the signs of ulcers and explains risk factors, prevention measures and treatments.  
1 in 3 horses equine ulcers
With 60% of competition horses and 38% of leisure horses & ponies estimated to have gastric ulcers¹,²,³, it’s important that horse owners are aware of the signs of this under-diagnosed condition, says Merial’s equine marketing and technical manager, Louise Radford MRCVS. 

But it’s not easy to tell says Louise, as the signs can be mistaken for other issues such as back pain, hormonal or behavioural issues, or poor temperament and unwillingness to work. 

The App launch is just one of a number of initiatives taking place during May’s Gastric Ulcer Awareness Month (GUAM). “Merial launched GUAM in 2007 and awareness of the condition has grown exponentially during since then. 

“However although the number of horses diagnosed and treated for ulcers has also increased, it still falls short of incidence levels. Merial has invested in this App initiative to further boost awareness of the signs of gastric ulcers and prompt more horse owners to consult their vet,” she adds.  

To download the free Blipper App just visit www.equinegastriculcers.co.uk*, follow the instructions and then watch the image come to life with autoplay video content. 

*The Blippar App can also be downloaded free from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android phones.