Names and causes of lower leg injuries in horses.
  • An overreach injury is when the toe of the hind foot strikes the back of the forelimb in front of it, on the same side. This can be caused by deep going, tiredness, imbalance or asynchronous movement (irregular gait)
  • overreaching riding
  • A strike injury is when the hind foot strikes into the front leg any where above the heel.
  • A tread injury is caused to the coronary band by the contralateral foot (the foot on the other side)
  • A speedicut wound is a wound on the inside of the leg, caused by the contralateral foot. This can occur on the front leg below the knee or on the hind below the hock.
  • Forging is the clicking noise made when the hind shoe strikes the front shoe. This can be caused when the horse is tied or unbalanced, or when his hind feet are too long.


REMEMBER - A horse can have perfect conformation, be in peak fitness and still suffer one of these injuries, due to a sudden change in gait or direction, such as simply playing in a field.

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